Dj /producer / remixer of tech house/minimal/ and techno, under the guises of “Variant” and “Mein Room” currently signed to and releasing on the following international record labels – – First Stage underground – Vindico records – Badaboom recordings – Echo Deluxe recordings – 4 House Digital – Aztech Music – Bedroom Records – BUNK3R R3CORDS […]

Dj/Producer/Label Owner Labels: Underground Noise Records (Co Founder) – Tekx Records – BUNK3R Records – Anecdote Records – Tech Noise Network – Rawhard Audio – CityWest Records – SurBeats Records Website:

He starts the mix in 2008. A year later his desire to create becomes stronger, he began to prod in 2009, in 2010 he released an ep with techno on Capsula Dehix. DJing, prod and techno are now inseparable. Tastes revolve around the dark sounds of techno progressive allies, through the techouse. In 2012 he […]

We are still working hard on this website, at the moment we sended an input form to all our artists to fill in their information. This will create a new pending post for us to read and accept. To make this happen we use the Gravity forms plugin for wordpress. Comes in very useful! This […]

Owner of digital label “Viral Outbreak Digital” ALONG WITH ◀ЯΞCHΛRGΞ&ỌPΞRΛTΞ▶ Digital Label focussing on the harder side of techno GIGS Has played alongside names such as NATHALIE DE BORAH, DE HESSEJUNG, ◀ЯΞCHΛRGΞ&ỌPΞRΛTΞ▶ ,GRAHAM WALSH, STEVE MASTERSON, SEAN QUINN, JASMIN SUSAN, GARY MAGUIRE, HUGHES AND BALLANTINE & MORE. Track support from: MARKANTONIO, LUKE CREED, GRAHAM WALSH, […]

was born in Tokyo. From the time of childhood, it went almost every day to the nightclub, music and an image were touched, and sensitivity was polished. Such a sense and the talent gain popularity greatest support from Director TAKESHI KITANO. In a movie “Zatōichi”, it deals with a remix work, and at Venice International […]

“Darmec aka Stuart Skett, born Birmingham, UK, 1985. Always a passionate music fan, Stuart’s journey took him through a number of genres, until finally discovering his love for underground house and techno following frequent visits to the clubbing capital of the world; Ibiza. His enthusiasm for techno in particular drove him to start producing his […]

Fet by the groove of minimal techno he started creating his first tunes in 2004. The first steps into the world of electronic music were very small, but after all those years of blood sweat and hard work, the deep soundscapes, crazy riffs & straight ahead basslines came together very well and they developed a […]

Steve Masterson started with his passion for Techno back in the days when there was only vinyl. He played several gigs in his Area and also on some Radio Stations. When the time and the technique was right he also started to produce his own Stuff and pushed his DJ career even more. His latest […]

Tenebrae, the very word meaning darkness, perfectly describes the music of this up and coming Irish producer and Dj. For years he has enjoyed all aspects of dark electronic music from the deep industrial sounds of NIN to the pumping drive of Skinny Puppy. Inspired by labels like M_nus and CLR, he recently decided to […]

Paulo AV was born in Costa Rica at the beginning of the 70’s during a period of great musical diversity and influence. Drawing upon its own foundations of traditional dance-oriented Central American music, then seamlessly adapting to the popular music of elsewhere – British rock, Dub, Disco, Punk – what emerged would be a recognized […]

AudioTrip is the brainchild of a surrogate Manc and creative whirlwind Feri Gyemant. Originally from Hungary Feri’s musical background was consummated on classical guitar, then evolved via various rock and metal bands in his native Budapest. Following a move to Manchester he was introduced to the heady delights of club culture and the underground techno […]

GZI, born in/Upper Styria/Austria, was listening to the Radioshow-Laboum Deluxe on FM4 since he was 16 years old. At this moment he was infected with Detroid Techno. After joining a lot of Party´s and Festival´s GZI decided to get behind the decks and got his first equipment – 2 Technics and a Pioneer Mixer. Tyler […]