Hey everybody! Its christmas time and we want to give our fans something they can experiment with on these boring holiday evenings. This effectrack can be used on drumloops, after drumracks, but also on vocals, synths, … Just try this little tool, and give us some feedback here on the post. What can be added, what can be […]

For those who want to get expirimental with the Native instruments soundcards then these are some really good videos you have to watch. Dubspot tells us what we have to do in two easy video tutorials.   In this way you can add more functionality to your set with ableton dummy clips, extra drumloops, effects and extra […]

Battle of midway EP

Dear fans, dj’s & artists, on 27/12/12 we have a new release on all major download stores. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway EP. Enjoy this promo and make an effort to leave a comment on the mentioned Soundcloud Page or Facebook Cover Release page, please. From now on all promo’s will […]

Christian Bonori is an Italian dj, producer and remixer appreciated on the national club scene. In 2000, he started his dj career playing in some of the most respected and well-known clubs in Italy, including: VOX Club, MAFFIA Club, BOLGIA Club Bergamo and many more. Over the years, he travelled a lot across Europe and […]

RIP Danijel. You will live for ever in our hearts. Danijel Vasiljevic is born in Belgrade (Serbia) 1983. At the age of 21 years he receive as a gift a PC and start to use it to listen some various genres of music and then he finds a special attraction for electronics, all sub-genres and […]

SLOBOTIK is Alex´ musical Ego for Beats, loving the Deepness, Groove and Diversity of Techno, Minimal and House! SLOBOTIK´s musical Past was drawn by a Neighborhood-Drummer introducing him to DireStraits and DepecheMode in the Beginning growing his Thirst for other Music too! In the early Ninetees he started producing Rap-Beats with the Ensoniq 16+ to […]

Electronic music lover since 1991 I crossed the flow of time through the house tech house techno trance psy trance …. etc. I compose my tracks since 2001 plaisr one is to move the emotions felt and the public try the best that I can make them forget the time a mix of all their […]

Born in the 70’s, child of the 80’s and dance music freak of the 90’s. I’ve always had a thing for techno, the intensity of the music has always moved and inspired me, I tend towards the darker end of things! Musical influences include Depeche Mode, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Claude Young, Jeff Mills, Vince […]

Wouter de Witte is a true techno head. With more than a decade of experience behind the decks, he gets the crowd dancing every time whether he is playing techno, hard techno or techhouse. With a true DIY attitude he follows his passion for music into the corners of the electronic music business. Traveling from […]

It all started in the 90’s, Erik fell in love with the house music of these years and his hobby was to buy as much cd’s he could afford. The sounds of “Cappella”, “2Unlimited”, “Maxx” and of course “Scooter” were always in his discman, no matter where he went. The 90’s were the era of […]

From when he was just a little boy, TWIST3D, got the music virus from his father who was, for more then 20 years, resident dj in one of the first danceclubs in his area. He witnessed the birth of electronic dance music as his father played the newest white label import records. Going out in […]