AudioTrip is the brainchild of a surrogate Manc and creative whirlwind Feri Gyemant. Originally from Hungary Feri’s musical background was consummated on classical guitar, then evolved via various rock and metal bands in his native Budapest.

Following a move to Manchester he was introduced to the heady delights of club culture and the underground techno scene. He willingly immersed himself and, after being thoroughly led astray, the logical next step was a move into programming, digital recording and visual art. AudioTrip was born.

AudioTrip released several successful EPs initially with smaller independent / underground labels before making the move to start working on more club / dance remixes and continuing to breakthrough into the international electronic music scene. With several massive productions in the pipeline and further remix requests for internationally recognised labels AudioTrip is definitely a name to watch in the ever evolving world of electronic dance music.

“I use AudioTrip alias for all my EDM projects. Started out producing dark electronic music including techno and minimal techno but recently I started working more on professional dance / club remixes for established global brands in the EDM industry.

I don’t like to be put in a box when it comes to styles so you’ll find all sorts amongst my productions including anything from ambient, chill through cinematic / advertisement music to club / dance and banging techno. I produce music because that’s what I like doing best and not because of ego or hunger for fame.”

While the recorded releases present one aspect of the AudioTrip experience, AudioTrip Live is all about electronic music and mainly techno created and performed live.

It’s becoming fashionable in the electronic dance world to claim a ‘live’ element, when all DJ’s seem to do is mix part of a track and combine with a few tops and FX. The AudioTrip Live experience is not DJing in the traditional sense. Having cut his teeth playing a variety of instrument in bands AudioTrip’s Feri Gyemant likes to maintain the same ‘live’ feel in his performances. It may be risky, it is certainly unpredictable but, being live, no set is ever the same.

Feri comments: “I prepare my own samples and FX in advance, then piece together the live set onstage, as it happens. It is always hard work in the studio beforehand, but with all the elements at my fingertips I can create a truly unique set every time.” Technology certainly influences the AudioTrip live show, which uses innovative software Ableton Live (along with a few more gadgets) to create the mix. “I just love Ableton Live because it is the only software that provides me with a very intuitive platform to do whatever I want onstage. It really is purely down to your imagination. Everybody who works with Live tends to set it up and use it differently, and because it works a treat in combination with other software and hardware controllers, the results are truly individual. In combination with NI Maschine and the APC40 I have full hands-on control and freedom when playing live”.

Whether recorded or live AudioTrip veers away from the expected, doesn’t follow trends or court fame, but instead ventures for satisfaction through self-expression and individuality. The result is a unique musical experience both onstage and in the studio, closely following the rapid developments of modern technology in electronic music production.


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