Juann Bocca

Being a son of a musical minded Father (RIP) … Learned all the basics from him … My first setup was a taperecorder and a simple turntable without pitch control … learned to work with these and a bit later bought myself 2 turntables & one of the first Rodec’s … From there on I evolved to the digital scene with rebirth and cakewalk … later on cubase & reason so I begun making music live instead of mixing .. I went to get a classic education on music, got me a boss DR-rhytem and my first Roland the MC(303).

Some time later I combined DJ-mixing with live performance and sounded really good … so I kept on doing it. played at party’s, festivals,clubs and rave’s and was a resident at ‘t Syndroom till the millenium.

But then came the Wifey and kids and everything went in the closet for 10 years.

The love for BASS stayed, so some years later I went for a digital setup. Exept for Reason I didn’t use the old software anymore and got myself NI MASCHINE, TRAKTOR, KOMPLETE & Ableton … Also a kaoss synth (Kpro) also 2 kontrol X1’s and one F1, a midi keyboard (AKAI Max49) & a KORG ESX SD.

Oh before I forget I had the KORG ZERO4 mixer (without bugs) and use this for last sampling and effect input. Had to say bye bye to my beloved ZERO4 and got myself a ALLEN & HEATH XONE DB2 late 2013 and am in love with it.

Now these days I spin every electronic style as long as it’s sounds good with a lot of BASS!! I play it & combine this with my live productions/mash ups, I’m rather TECHNO minded and like to do EXPERIMENTAL things with BASS!!

As my setup grew more & more, peeps got intrested in my chaotic tunes so I started THA BASS-ROOM a local studio/dj-booth/radiohost & PARTY-provider… Tha Bass-Room’s core team are ME & MY BEST FRIEND M!GU3L, got a lot of other projects with other artists & musiclovers as well… such as: TWIST3D, MARC WEST, BEN SOLAR, RICARDO MARQUES, GIANLUIGI FERRONI, LEON, MRLK, MIKE THOMPSON, PHONOPHLUX, Miss NALA, TECHNOSA, MIKE STRUYF, etc etc…

… work with labels as BUNK3R R3CORDS, DARK SHARK, SUARA, DEEP ARENA, NAKED LUNCH, SUB-records,…. and many more

Also produce my own tracks and some will be posted on my soundcloud, also do a lot of Collabs cause they are always nice to do

I hope you all like my music and gig’s


PLEASE SENT PROMO’S TO: Thabassroom@telenet.be

Thats my musical life in a nutshell

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