Michel van Dinteren

Born in the Netherlands, DJ van Dinteren starter his career in 1994 in a Club in Stuttgart called “The Disturbance”.
After many bookings in popular locations in the Southern Region of Germany,
“Tube” and “Proton”) the rest of the Country got attended…
…followed by performing in German cities like Munich, Ulm, Hamburg, Saarbrücken, Erfurt and Berlin.
Since many years, Michael Van Dinteren is an integral part of the Club scene in Europe.

At the “Love Parade” in Berlin and also at the “Streetparade” in Zurich, he is an always welcome and popular guest.
He was always faithful to his German fans and friends in the Club scene, although his career got international.
He still is one of the most popular DJs of the Republic to turn nights into days
In 2014 Michel started producing again and has his first releases on the Belgian Techno label, BUNK3R R3CORDS and Naked Lunch Records

More projects and collabs will follow soon.

National : 
Die Störung (Stuttgart)
Sealounge (Friedrichshafen)
B-Side (Stuttgart)
Airport FN (Friedrichshafen)
Die Röhre (Stuttgart)
Parfum (Friedrichshafen)
Proton (Stuttgart)
Club Magic (Überlingen)
Perkinspark (Stuttgart)
Dome (Lindau)
Douala (Ravensburg)
Pulverturm (München)
Sporthotel (Lustenau)
Club Mia (München)
Rock Opera (Bad Grönebach)
Pitu (Memmingen)
Abby (Messkirch)
Metronome (Bad Waldsee)
Wom (Hechingen)
Komma (Gosheim)
Austria :
Volksgarten (Wien)
Kabelwerk (Wien)
Chacha (Paris)
England : 
Plan B (London)
Heaven (London)
Italy :
Alcatraz (Mailand)
Netherlands :
Exit (Amsterdam)
Club Q (Zürich)
Oxa (Zürich)
White Wolf (Zürich)
Niaxxa (Zürich)
Cleopatra‘s House (St. Gallen)
Voice Club
Großevents :
Loveparade (Berlin)
Streetparade (Zürich)
PlusMinus (Neuhausen Germany)

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