Roman Rein aka P5YT3K started to play electronic music in 2001. In 2005 he organized the promo-group «Neuronaissance» with his friend. Together they staged conceptual techno and techno-dnb parties for a few years.
The series of parties «Technical Break»(2007 – 2009) have become legendary. In 2011 Roman began the author’s conceptual techno-dnb radio broadcast called «Neurotek Reaktor», UK Internet radio station «DirtLabAudio». Making his radio show, he played himself and invited to air the most successful Russian producers.

Roman has graduated as a sound engineer. He works as a sound engineer on the Central TV channels, Moscow. He also works as an engineer in Moscow techno-mecca «Monasterio». In Monasterio Roman works with the acoustics «Incubus Void» and makes parties with the best European techno DJs. Atmosphere of «Monasterio» gave the techno direction to Roman’s composing. The main concept of Roman’s music is the dark side, technology, futurism and metaphysics.
Soon his tracks go on compilatie and ep on BUNK3R R3CORDS, Belgium.

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