SLOBOTIK is Alex´ musical Ego for Beats, loving the Deepness, Groove and Diversity of Techno, Minimal and House!
SLOBOTIK´s musical Past was drawn by a Neighborhood-Drummer introducing him to DireStraits and DepecheMode in the Beginning growing his Thirst for other Music too! In the early Ninetees he started producing Rap-Beats with the Ensoniq 16+ to and Chill+Jazz Sounds…having a HipHop- Band and gaining Live Experiences was awesome at that time and being a part of the growing Stuttgart HipHop-Scene! His deep Inspirations always were 70´s Black Sounds and later on Artists like Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys, BDP (KRS One), Michael Jackson , Barry White and others… From around ´96-97 he was TOTALLY overwhelmed by Clubbing and the whole NightLife on different EDM – Styles his grew musical Mind grew exponentially! His Passion made a musical Rebirth possible, leaving the Fog in 2011 to come up with Productions in Electronica and Releases following to finally deep diving into Sounds diggin for HIS own Truth in Sound!
…thats why SLOBOTIK sounds like a Diary, been there, done that, feel it + LIVE IT!! Still loving his Roots while creating his slow botting Mix of all this expressed through Sounds where everyhing is possible, blending Deep+TechHouse, Minimal and Techno! Since then SLOBOTIK teams up with fellow Artists to gain his most possible musical Experience!


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