From when he was just a little boy, TWIST3D, got the music virus from his father who was, for more then 20 years, resident dj in one of the first danceclubs in his area. He witnessed the birth of electronic dance music as his father played the newest white label import records.

Going out in legendary clubs like Barocci, Boccaccio, Globe, La Rocca, Cherrymoon and Balmoral he experienced the evolution of house music trough the years. A few years ago he decided to create his own tracks using the background of his clublife. The result is a variation of styles that will please every house music fan…

His style has evolved to a more Minimal/Deep TechHouse & Techno sound and got the support from more and more Techno Underground producers/deejays from Germany, Great-Brittan, Austria, France, Italy, Ireland…

Supported by Fnoob Techno Radio, Tosi, GabeeN, A-Brothers, Michael Schwarz and many more…

He’s also co-founder of T&T Records for the more commercial club sounds and founder & CEO of BUNK3R R3CORDS witch releases Techno & Minimal for over 50 international artists.

Every 2 weeks he has a 1 hour Showcase on Fnoob Techno Radio where he presents the mixing skills of his artists.

For remixing or mastering requests contact


Planet Scaldia

Modifi Music

T&T Records

Tiksel Tech Records

EchoDeluxe Recordings

Corrupt Systems

Kontrol Records

AzTech Music

Underground Noise Records

Momentvm Records

Anecdote Records

Viral Outbreak Digital

Dark And Sonorous Recordings

Big Alliance Deep

Hybrid Confusion Records

City Wall Records


Naughty Pills Records

Lung Filler Records – Dark Elements

Hypnohouse Traxx


Turbolenza Records

Resorted Recordings

Sound Lab

Label DAT


Black Pearl Music

Crunch Control


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