Axel Lüers a.k.a. Voodoopriester, living in Bremen/ Germany, started with Techno in 1995, after visiting frst time the “E- Werk”- Berlin.
First release was in 1997, on his own label “Voodoomania Art & Sound”, on the CD “Voodoobeats – Bremen Underground Compilation”.
More releases followed on “Voodoomania”, and other labels.
First success he got with the track “12-99”, released 31.12.1999 on Vinyl “Voodoomania 005″. ” Axel Wirtz” (A & R – Superstition / Hamburg) ranged this track on #2 in his DJ – Charts.
Releases, together with “Michael Lambart” from “Northbeatz – Audio” ( “Lüers & Lambart” and “Drumkombinat”) on Vinyl followed.
In 1998 “Voodoomania” started organizing events. First “Voodoobeats 1 + 2”, after “Voodooculture” and “Aquarius”.
1998 was the start of the radioshow “Kanal Fatal”. 1999 the show was broadcasting on “EvoSonic”- Munich, too. The show is still running…..now nearly 16 years.
At this time Axel started his work as Live- PA. In 2001 he started as DJ, too.
2006 Axel reduced his work, ’cause of the upcoming boring minimal- epidemic. 2009 was the year to rebirth Underground Techno in Bremen again. The “Voodooculture” was reborn, and also his work as a DJ. I n August 2012 he started producing again.
More than 70 tracks were released until now in this period. Many more are still signed, and coming up soon (Bunk3r Records, Sound Of Techno, Intermission Ltd. etc.)
Highlights were: – 4- track ep, released on “Capital Techno Records” (Austin / Texas) – 2 tracks released on “Renesanz Records” (Sofa / Bulgary), – winning the “Darker Sounds”- Remix contest (one of the 4 winners). – The track „Kleiner Stinker“ was charted to #1 in the DJ- charts of „Marika Rossa“
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Voodoopriester-Artist-Page/111545122272168 http://www.beatport.com/artist/voodoopriester/217550 http://soundcloud.com/voodoopriester http://www.junodownload.com/artists/Voodoopriester/releases
booking- / remixrequests: voodoopriester@voodoomania.de

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