As you can see, this website is undergoing big changes. The whole theme is changed, usability will be better, viewing will be a lot better with optimisation for mobile devices. Stay tuned as we updated all the records on this new website. Couple more days and everything is up and running. Expect a lot more techno […]

From Detroit to Berlin, Kevin Shala iterates through modern dark techno to the psychedelic accents of the sharper sounds. Combining Technology with his emotions, he is currently working with several international artists for the upcoming release of his first EP. De Détroit à Berlin, Kevin Shala parcourt les sons les plus pointus de la techno […]

MATHIEUW HOUZEN Bio. Ref. Cocoon club movement electronic allstarz city of digital darkcity……. Thru the history off . . . LABELS. BUNK3R REC BSIDE ( FRANCE) COD LABEL ANTROPOLIS REC (Portugal) Mathiew his intrest in techno was instand! the story started anno 1997-2003 as reporter for the party mag .PARTYGUIDE… That was he become in […]

Dustin born in September, 1989 came as a Brandenburger to the world and grew up in parallel to the just growing German Techno scene and they encountered each other in 2006. Since then he spends his weekends in Techno clubs and bought his own turntables after 2 years of clubbing there in order to learn […]

Born in the Netherlands, DJ van Dinteren starter his career in 1994 in a Club in Stuttgart called “The Disturbance”. After many bookings in popular locations in the Southern Region of Germany, “Tube” and “Proton”) the rest of the Country got attended… …followed by performing in German cities like Munich, Ulm, Hamburg, Saarbrücken, Erfurt and […]

The man behind the project audiooptiks was born in bavaria in the early 80s and is now residing in stuttgart. Over the years his passion for electronic Music was getting bigger and bigger.Always in search of fresh musical inspiration he started his trip through all shades of Techno Music. Sometimes touched with an oldschool and […]

Roman Rein aka P5YT3K started to play electronic music in 2001. In 2005 he organized the promo-group «Neuronaissance» with his friend. Together they staged conceptual techno and techno-dnb parties for a few years. The series of parties «Technical Break»(2007 – 2009) have become legendary. In 2011 Roman began the author’s conceptual techno-dnb radio broadcast called […]

Since the first time he entered the club “Kremlin” at Lisbon, one of the best clubs of Portugal, he knew that electronic music was his other half, and the emptiness he felt in a long time was gone. So started to buy vinyl, mixer, turntables and brush to clean them. Learned everything alone with vinyl, […]

Axel Lüers a.k.a. Voodoopriester, living in Bremen/ Germany, started with Techno in 1995, after visiting frst time the “E- Werk”- Berlin. First release was in 1997, on his own label “Voodoomania Art & Sound”, on the CD “Voodoobeats – Bremen Underground Compilation”. More releases followed on “Voodoomania”, and other labels. First success he got with […]

Fresh Otis aka Tom Prohazka from Graz, Austria. His Journey began in 1996 in Vienna playing at clubs P1, Chattanooga, Pianoexpress, Fever, and Gazometer, until 1999 where he moved to the mysterous Asian Continent, playing in India and South East Asia, where he developed his production skills allowing him to return in 2003 to The […]

Born and raised in a musical environment it was no surprise that Shaun Mauren would develop interest in music. It was on his teen years, that a burning desire consumed his soul, after listening to Techno for the first time. A desire that became a dream, a dream that had become a reality, making Techno. […]

Being a son of a musical minded Father (RIP) … Learned all the basics from him … My first setup was a taperecorder and a simple turntable without pitch control … learned to work with these and a bit later bought myself 2 turntables & one of the first Rodec’s … From there on I […]

Dj , Producer & Remixer from Steyr / Austria Winner of the Grieche & Vocal Remix Contest @ Minimized Records Winner of the Rusk-Botox Contest @ We call it Hard Records Booking for Germany : Toxic & Disturbion || █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║ © WE ALL SPEAK TECHNO™ Balkonkind is a production definition of an artist who has […]

Hey everybody! Its christmas time and we want to give our fans something they can experiment with on these boring holiday evenings. This effectrack can be used on drumloops, after drumracks, but also on vocals, synths, … Just try this little tool, and give us some feedback here on the post. What can be added, what can be […]

For those who want to get expirimental with the Native instruments soundcards then these are some really good videos you have to watch. Dubspot tells us what we have to do in two easy video tutorials.   In this way you can add more functionality to your set with ableton dummy clips, extra drumloops, effects and extra […]

Battle of midway EP

Dear fans, dj’s & artists, on 27/12/12 we have a new release on all major download stores. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway EP. Enjoy this promo and make an effort to leave a comment on the mentioned Soundcloud Page or Facebook Cover Release page, please. From now on all promo’s will […]

Christian Bonori is an Italian dj, producer and remixer appreciated on the national club scene. In 2000, he started his dj career playing in some of the most respected and well-known clubs in Italy, including: VOX Club, MAFFIA Club, BOLGIA Club Bergamo and many more. Over the years, he travelled a lot across Europe and […]

RIP Danijel. You will live for ever in our hearts. Danijel Vasiljevic is born in Belgrade (Serbia) 1983. At the age of 21 years he receive as a gift a PC and start to use it to listen some various genres of music and then he finds a special attraction for electronics, all sub-genres and […]

SLOBOTIK is Alex´ musical Ego for Beats, loving the Deepness, Groove and Diversity of Techno, Minimal and House! SLOBOTIK´s musical Past was drawn by a Neighborhood-Drummer introducing him to DireStraits and DepecheMode in the Beginning growing his Thirst for other Music too! In the early Ninetees he started producing Rap-Beats with the Ensoniq 16+ to […]

Electronic music lover since 1991 I crossed the flow of time through the house tech house techno trance psy trance …. etc. I compose my tracks since 2001 plaisr one is to move the emotions felt and the public try the best that I can make them forget the time a mix of all their […]

Born in the 70’s, child of the 80’s and dance music freak of the 90’s. I’ve always had a thing for techno, the intensity of the music has always moved and inspired me, I tend towards the darker end of things! Musical influences include Depeche Mode, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Claude Young, Jeff Mills, Vince […]

Wouter de Witte is a true techno head. With more than a decade of experience behind the decks, he gets the crowd dancing every time whether he is playing techno, hard techno or techhouse. With a true DIY attitude he follows his passion for music into the corners of the electronic music business. Traveling from […]

It all started in the 90’s, Erik fell in love with the house music of these years and his hobby was to buy as much cd’s he could afford. The sounds of “Cappella”, “2Unlimited”, “Maxx” and of course “Scooter” were always in his discman, no matter where he went. The 90’s were the era of […]

From when he was just a little boy, TWIST3D, got the music virus from his father who was, for more then 20 years, resident dj in one of the first danceclubs in his area. He witnessed the birth of electronic dance music as his father played the newest white label import records. Going out in […]

Dj /producer / remixer of tech house/minimal/ and techno, under the guises of “Variant” and “Mein Room” currently signed to and releasing on the following international record labels – – First Stage underground – Vindico records – Badaboom recordings – Echo Deluxe recordings – 4 House Digital – Aztech Music – Bedroom Records – BUNK3R R3CORDS […]

Dj/Producer/Label Owner Labels: Underground Noise Records (Co Founder) – Tekx Records – BUNK3R Records – Anecdote Records – Tech Noise Network – Rawhard Audio – CityWest Records – SurBeats Records Website:

He starts the mix in 2008. A year later his desire to create becomes stronger, he began to prod in 2009, in 2010 he released an ep with techno on Capsula Dehix. DJing, prod and techno are now inseparable. Tastes revolve around the dark sounds of techno progressive allies, through the techouse. In 2012 he […]

We are still working hard on this website, at the moment we sended an input form to all our artists to fill in their information. This will create a new pending post for us to read and accept. To make this happen we use the Gravity forms plugin for wordpress. Comes in very useful! This […]

Owner of digital label “Viral Outbreak Digital” ALONG WITH ◀ЯΞCHΛRGΞ&ỌPΞRΛTΞ▶ Digital Label focussing on the harder side of techno GIGS Has played alongside names such as NATHALIE DE BORAH, DE HESSEJUNG, ◀ЯΞCHΛRGΞ&ỌPΞRΛTΞ▶ ,GRAHAM WALSH, STEVE MASTERSON, SEAN QUINN, JASMIN SUSAN, GARY MAGUIRE, HUGHES AND BALLANTINE & MORE. Track support from: MARKANTONIO, LUKE CREED, GRAHAM WALSH, […]

was born in Tokyo. From the time of childhood, it went almost every day to the nightclub, music and an image were touched, and sensitivity was polished. Such a sense and the talent gain popularity greatest support from Director TAKESHI KITANO. In a movie “Zatōichi”, it deals with a remix work, and at Venice International […]

“Darmec aka Stuart Skett, born Birmingham, UK, 1985. Always a passionate music fan, Stuart’s journey took him through a number of genres, until finally discovering his love for underground house and techno following frequent visits to the clubbing capital of the world; Ibiza. His enthusiasm for techno in particular drove him to start producing his […]

Fet by the groove of minimal techno he started creating his first tunes in 2004. The first steps into the world of electronic music were very small, but after all those years of blood sweat and hard work, the deep soundscapes, crazy riffs & straight ahead basslines came together very well and they developed a […]

Steve Masterson started with his passion for Techno back in the days when there was only vinyl. He played several gigs in his Area and also on some Radio Stations. When the time and the technique was right he also started to produce his own Stuff and pushed his DJ career even more. His latest […]

Tenebrae, the very word meaning darkness, perfectly describes the music of this up and coming Irish producer and Dj. For years he has enjoyed all aspects of dark electronic music from the deep industrial sounds of NIN to the pumping drive of Skinny Puppy. Inspired by labels like M_nus and CLR, he recently decided to […]

Paulo AV was born in Costa Rica at the beginning of the 70’s during a period of great musical diversity and influence. Drawing upon its own foundations of traditional dance-oriented Central American music, then seamlessly adapting to the popular music of elsewhere – British rock, Dub, Disco, Punk – what emerged would be a recognized […]

AudioTrip is the brainchild of a surrogate Manc and creative whirlwind Feri Gyemant. Originally from Hungary Feri’s musical background was consummated on classical guitar, then evolved via various rock and metal bands in his native Budapest. Following a move to Manchester he was introduced to the heady delights of club culture and the underground techno […]

GZI, born in/Upper Styria/Austria, was listening to the Radioshow-Laboum Deluxe on FM4 since he was 16 years old. At this moment he was infected with Detroid Techno. After joining a lot of Party´s and Festival´s GZI decided to get behind the decks and got his first equipment – 2 Technics and a Pioneer Mixer. Tyler […]