Battle of Midway out soon

Battle of midway EP
Dear fans, dj’s & artists, on 27/12/12 we have a new release on all major download stores. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway EP. Enjoy this promo and make an effort to leave a comment on the mentioned Soundcloud Page or Facebook Cover Release page, please.
From now on all promo’s will be waves instead of mp3’s.
Release info:
Lox d vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway EP
French producers Lox D & Franck Hat have worked succesfully together in the past and present us this massive release showing their abilities to create some solid techno tracks. With 3 original tracks and 4 remixes of the title track by AzTech Music head man, Moldavius, BUNK3R R3CORDS label owner, TWIST3D, upcoming talent Slobotik and Luciano Ledsma from Argentina who has proven to be a great artist.
Track info:
1. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway (Original Mix)(6:48): Title track of the release that kicks in after a well used intro using original radio broadcasts from the 1940ies. A driving groove that makes this a solid techno banger.
2. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway (Luciano Ledesma Remix)(7:37): Massive remix from Ledesma filled with a heavy bass kick throughout the track that will give every sound system some serious work. Dancefloor killer !!!!
3. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway (Moldavius Remix)(7:26): Moldavius remix is a mind blowing version of the original with driving percs combined with hypnotic sounds. A great remix that will be played in every big club.
4. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway (TWIST3D Battle Remix)(5:36): Label owner TWIST3D gives us his great driving remix with lots of perks, fx sounds and a pounding kick…excellent work as expected from this producer.
5. Lox D vs Franck Hat – Battle of Midway (SLOBOTIK Remix)(7:57): German producer Slobotik makes an excellent minimalistic sounding techno remix filled with uplifting beats and percussions combined with a throbbing sub layered bass proving he has managed to deliver a wide variety of Techno styles as a producer. Top quality !!
6. Lox D vs Franck Hat – La Guerre des Peuples (7:59): 2nd original track of this French duo…a techno track with a great flow, deep bass and a groove that will make you move !!
7. Lox D vs Franck Hat – That’s It (6:15): With this final track they give us a more industrial sounding techno clubber with great driving hihats, crazy synth sounds and deep voice effects. A great track that will fit in any dj set !!!

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